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Page 1: From the beginning of history.    Page 2: Rome and Carthage.    Page 3: The Celtiberians.    Page 4: The end of Carthage and the siege of Numantia.   Page 5: The winds of change    Page 6: Catholic Iberia and the rise of Islam   Page 7: The Islamic invasion of Iberia      Page 8: Islamic Iberia     Page 9: The Catholic re-conquest    Page 10: King Alfonso the wise    Page 11: Nasrid and Merini   Page 12: How to win the crown of Castile  Page 13:The last emir 14: A New World 15: The Spanish Queen of England   16: A Catholic Queen of England 17: The Spanish King of England   18: The first Brexit  19: The hard Brexit  20: The Armada  21 Bonaparte  22: The War of Independence  23: Franco   24: Marbella and Benidorm   25: Cold War Spain  26: Democratic Spain  27: Modern Spain.

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The history of the Spanish peninsula has been pivotal to the history of the modern world. Spain has been invaded, conquered and re-conquered  more than any other country in Europe and her soil is steeped in the blood of all the western civilizations that have risen and fallen over the last ten thousand years. Warriors, farmers and traders from as far as the Urals, Syria, Egypt and Africa have all fought for her lands. The discovery of the Americas and their subjugation was led from here, and for a while, Spain was  the greatest superpower on the world stage. 

Real history is made up of greed, jealousy, hatred and a lust for power and dominance over others. This history is dedicated to the storytellers with pens and paintbrushes who apply a gloss of  civilisation to the never ending story.   

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.”

George R.R. Martin