This page contains the reference historical textbooks used to write the history of Spain. The fiction books are still on their relevant pages.

The Spanish Civil War is only a tiny slice of Spain's history, but the thing that makes this piece of history so vital is that many of the people who were involved are still alive. To live amongst them, you need to know about their lives before all the tourists arrived. It's not pleasant reading, but war never is.

Winston Graham's book  is not just a detailed account of battles, but tells the stories of the people involved. It captures the Elizabethan era in amazing detail from both sides of the conflict.

Giles Tremlet takes us through some of the pivotal moments in modern Spanish history. An essential read for those who have just moved to Spain. 

The huge changes that took place after Franco's death have left many of the older spaniards in a world they don't understand. This book helps us to understand them better.

Our preconcieved ideas about the Elizabethan era are swept aside by this book by Gerry Brotton. Trade was what drove the empires, and we forget these lessons at our peril.